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samsung refrigerator refund

By October 2020 I had an error message. 1. After throwing away 700.00 of my disability money I will never buy a product from u again! When I call Lowes customer support, I get left on hold until I hang up - last call I was on hold for 20 minutes and no one ever came back on. For further insult: they also took my old set away as part of the original delivery and promised me a credit of $200 for the old set. I have spoken to numerous representatives and all tell me the same lies. This is one of the worst companies to deal with when you have an issue. Few days later I rec'd a call from a lady in the town 60 miles away saying a repairman would come on specific date/time to fix "the oven tray that was not moving". Also, I find it strange that there is no direct phone number to the department, and when I ask for the name of the person I was talking to they always gave their first name but refused to give their last name!! Now we are in the process of getting a new refrigerator that samsung finally approved to refund, but it this is another problem because best buy has to take the old one out and then we have to come into the store and buy the new one, then wait for the new one to be delivered which is more time without a refrigerator. That will not be happening at this point. I am trying to get an exchange on a damaged microwave/vent hood but after many calls to Samsung still have no resolution. Its a worst service from samsung but am sure i take this issue to consumer court i get my refund. I will not buy anything else from Samsung, In April,2011 we purchased an "Over the Range Microwave Oven, Model #SMH9207. I battled Samsung for 8 days trying to get a Return Merchandise Number. Barbara offered to exchange the unit or refund money. $35.73 Add to Cart. C. Basic needs not being met as food getting spoilt. I bought a 65 in 7 series television and three weeks later found out the screen was defective. Samsung should process the refund as soon as possible however being customer I am suffering as it's more then 28days after registration of my complaint and tv on wall looks like showcase piece which is not working. She told me she could not talk to or connect me to Case Management Department due to high call volume. Same thing you call the number they give and busy all the time. note, 5... bling beep beep beep beep beep bepeoeairoajir f...shut the llkj sl;fakcvxov UP. They are refusing to give me anything for all the food that has now been wasted. One excuse and apology after another, but no refund. You said you'd call and tell us when the person would come and u didn't. Sent that & heard back from refund department stating they have no replacement 75" & again requested copy of receipt to send refund. One excuse after another! On not getting the above mentioned emails from Samsung I called Samsung and talked to Brenda. July 10, 2018: The Samsung repair company broke the freezer coil in my Samsung refrigerator. Si vous rencontrez des problèmes pour dĂ©marrer, veuillez nous contacter. I was having issues with my dryer a few weeks before my warranty was up, they came to service it and I was told it could be fixed and that they would order parts. Talked to Sonia, She told me that adjusted total refund amount will be Base Price $2,564.99 + Sales Tax $256.50 = $2,821.49 and that Samsung will not refund cost of installation. If I do not hear a positive response from Samsung I may take this issue to the MEDIA. I was on hold for 55 min and finally spoke to a rep only to be told that they would send me a factory refurbished unit. ?? Also what is awesome the tablet itself is in perfect condition no scratches no dent nothing broken (except the two clips that Samsung broke.) OMG.....I cannot believe the hassle I have had with Samsung. Received on December 1st. Some things are just too good to be true though. I never got the replacement so I called them about 15 more times and got the run around everytime since then. The next day again after many calls got the phone delivered by manager. I finally spoke to someone in the executive department, hopefully this will help. never again samsung. Worst company. I ordered 4 of the samsung galaxy precedents, and I realize all of them were analog. I have been dealing with a broken ice maker for 8 months now. Again communicated to the customer care center they are agree replace the defect product now they are saying that we give additional one 12 Months of extended warranty post quality repair. Delayed dont have it i demanded an upgrade to s8 all along At my cost. We were told parts would be in within a week. It burned the charging port on the phone and fried the factory fast charger I received with my phone. May 5, 2018: Over next 2-3 days HNG would not answer phone or return my voice messages. A week later Samsung called and offered to give me a refund, I accepted and they have been so helpful from the beginning. No No and No fhey ar nasty pigs cant do that why no cost to u.. Iburged i had a"bur phones s7 overheated did not fast charge s7 yoir reputation still no.. First they had to approve the exchange, then they had to find a new model for the exchange, then the had to schedule a shipment. I have always brought I phones but thought I'll give the samsung a go bcoz people hve said they are great.well I don't think they I entitled to a refund or swap? Whenever I call this number no one answers. I was told to return the original phone and if it was found to be defective I would receive a credit for the $139.00. Next day afternoon, at the service centre they said the battery is defective, needs to be replaced. This company utilizes a 'planned obsolescence' method to stall out on warranties. press power button to unlock screen... takes 4-9 seconds to respond. I bought a new Samsung fridge in late November 2016. It bombards unending messages offering Direct TV, hearing aids, Samsung devices, etc. I ordered a new refrigerator (not Samsung brand). Tous droits rĂ©servĂ©s. As of today (August 15, 2019), I have not received my refund. Then tell you to call exchange department to get money and after on hold for over hour get disconnected. Sent it out same day. The cell phone has been repaired and they refuse to give me a full refund. So much for $900. While waiting for premium care to iron out my issues, I send my phone to Texas thru Samsung's ecr department for service. It's under warranty but I have gotten the run around and the exchange department keeps you on hold and then hangs up on you. I finally just hung up and tried a different number. Appelez-nous au 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864). So I mailed it back myself for $15 thinking I could get it fixed sooner. When speaking with their customer service they were not helpful, and a manager was outright rude. Initially it was refund in 1-2 billing cycle. The selves in the door also have a cleaning issue. I have spent countless hours on the phone with both only to be put off, told to purchase another dryer by Lowes; told by Samsung to test the dryer and plug a lamp into the outlet; then told to get a new outlet. It's been 6 months (1 phone call per week) and I am FINALLY getting a refund on my samsung television (white blotches on the screen-unrepairable). I was connected to Cathy of Samsung Case Management Department on May 23, 2018. 'You never mentioned anything about replacing a part last week. Called Samsung and talked to Kari. He then asked for my sales receipt again and I emailed it back to him again. Purchased Samsung TabA on Jun6th,16, within a week time it got crashed. Awaiting yet another return call and or email from yet another case manager. is there any any dam way my boyfriend and i to get our money back well samgsung to pay off my stupid galaxy s6 EDGE!!!!!!!! I think this is totally unprofessional and I can say that if after all of this I get nothing because the company doesn't know what to tell the consumer and promises one thing then denies it I will take my complaint to the BBB and the local news in the Houston Texas market and I can assure you they do put these complaints on the news to help people like me. Your exchange process has begun". I am going to raise a police complaint against Samsung customer cared because of installation delay, my replacement warrant and refund was expired. Next they said I will get a refund.Several ticket numbers and much time on hold and I'm still waiting.Every time I call it's more lies and nonsense....been submitted will take 4 days.Next call more bull, will take 10 more business days....5more days, 4more days,never again! No end in sight....If Samsung has a mission statement, I'm sure this experience doesn't reflect it. Cathy provided me yet another tracking # PL448116426 which I later found out to be for pick up of the defective unit. I have been told different stories of what's happening. Well from the day they received it it took them two weeks to just even take a look at it! Samsung Galaxy S6 is the worst phone ever. On 26Dec2017 again they visited my house to collect the document. A class action law suit might work as well. I am looking for victims of Samsung's refund policy like myself to raise the likelihood of a class action suit. This is the situation in India, the worst experience i had ever till date. They are also not ready to give guarantee that new motherboard will work. Installation and haul-away service through Samsung if available and opted for will be performed on the same day as the delivery of the product. To Whom It May Concern, Hi am sathish i bought a samsung led tv 32 f4100 from viveks showroom on 03/11/2013. We lost so much of money. A few days later I got an email saying my card has been charged and another email that my phone is on it's way back. Did i tell you this people are Already calling, texting me to come and buy S9+. I've been blown off with the "we'll get back to you in 24-48 hours" three times. 2) when charging the phone, you keep hearing the connection bleep and I also realise even if you plug the phone for 100days, it will never say battery full. Many Times I called customer care service but no satisfactory reply from everyone. Please take back my phone. It cost me 4k for a washer and dryer from Samsung and it failed in one week. Asked to speak to supervisor, was put on hold for 10 minutes and finally forced to disconnect. It's only been four months and I want to return it. Anyone know when the class action lawsuit for fraud is starting up? If food or liquid gets trapped between the clear plastic and the self, good luck in getting it out. My last hope is with Samsung would help us. Going to give them a call but if the other comments here are any indication I'm not going to hold my breath. Checked with store purchased to see if 3rd party was yankin my chain and even they said the same thing, its backordered. I turned around and called the retailer to find out if they received an email and the answer was no and they said that when Samsung exchanges they usually send another unit. When it arrived it was a tool, which we could not figure out how to use (there were NO instructions enclosed), and a new spring. It will not charge or turn on. I will never do business with them again! I called the e-Commerce dept the next day and learned that the day I tried to set up the TV was the 15th day after I recevied it, and the day I called was the 16th day, so they refused to offer to replace the TV or refund my money. The problem is I have all the songs that I am going to download. It has been turned over to the exchange department yet again and now needs another approval. i don't want to wait till its battery explode. ft. I've been trying to reach Samsung return dept for the last week, when I call them their hours say call between 2-5pm. I found a letter in the box that they have halted out of warranty repairs with no promise date for restart. No extended holiday return policy, even though Samsung promoted this purchase in an email solicitation on Black Friday touting it as a great holiday gift idea. I advise nobody to ever purchase their products. No diagnosis was performed to find what caused it. i mean this phone is cool looks cool has great camera quality...but what does that matter when you record a good ass quality video and want to send it to someone in a msg and that dam stupid good quality video turns into a blurry quality that people think i recorded with a friggen potato!!! July 30, 2018: Samsung Note 4, with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network. Never again will I use their appliances. I would like to use my manufacturer warranty which i was assured by nomorerack that it holds a 1 year warranty. Then, 3 - 4 days later I got another email saying that they're waiting for me to load the documents, what? Phone will be ready only by evening, but will call me about the status. (Notice that Samsung had no problems finding my order while I could not and still cannot find any order history on this website using my account or the Samsung order number. It changes the load size to extra large as well. samsung sucks. You would think after only having the product for 2 weeks ( cash sale ), Samsung would jumped through hoops to satisfy their customer. Waited a week for a repair person every 2 days called because I was told repair company would call to set up a time never called then waa told no-one was in my area asked for a refund. They requested I send in the photos of the damage as well they asked for a full report from the service tech along with his pictures of the hose that came off and wanted copies of the damage estimate from the restoration company. ECR department continues to lie and obfuscate about honoring warranties and initiates verbal contractual agreements by phone, which are lawfully binding here in this state. Had that fixed. Barbara offered to exchange the unit or refund money. Yes Samsung refund - Samsung Community. So I got the new TV UN60JU7100FXZA, which the delivery didn't speak English, and rushed me to sign because he had to go. Voice activation comes on by itself for no reason and tv powers on and off. I purchased a new range from Home Depot. After being hung up, talked rude too, and today I spoke with a supervisor in ECR and she told me that they can "send a tech to repair the 3D"...OH, now they can send a tech. We initiated an exchange under the warranty provided by Samsung. see photo orange spot just below teriyaki bottle. Every single time I call I am on hold for nothing short of 30 minutes, and was instructed I can only call between 2pm-5pm. In desperation I called the Geek Squad and they indicated they would do the repair. So the process I just went through they did the same thing again. It will not charge or turn on. I am currently working on getting a refund for a 75" tv that started having issues just prior to the warranty expiring. I bought a Samsung 46in 3D TV in Apr of 2012 on Sep 4th of 2013 the TV cramped out on me.I payed more than $1000.00 bucks for this TV and Samsung refuses to fix or replace this problem.I know that the limited warranty is only 1yr but comeon 1 1/2yrs for a TV to last,to throw into a landfill. I been calling EVERY day for over a week and still no link or email like they claim they will send. Amazingly 10 minutes after they called and said a repairman would be here that day. Samsung doesn't reply to emails at all. Afetr a week they returned it to me working well for about a... want any more that device, I would accept other or my money. Finally, on a Friday night after he went to bed, I got to setting up the new TV. I have already lost the trust in your brand and dont want things to get worser. I have bye samsung galaxy A20S from online samsung store, It is received last Monday but damaged peace received as i am dally followup and mail to samsung customer service but no one return or replace my order and not any single reply from samsung. That was easy right....nope I get a call one day by a delivery company asking to deliver my TV that I ordered from AAFES. I have home insurance but my deductible is $2000.00 which I have to pay. One of worst default pieces it's providing, Just got J7 max, rear camera not working properly in whats app as images r very dark, if i got to service centre they are compromising with the issues saying in all camera its same, nowadays phones are coming like this... My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is 6 months old. I have a Galaxy s6 Active. So it is possible to do with your company. She agreed for the refund and asked me to attach purchase and installation receipts to my email to Samsung. Then he stated that they dont have a replacement program. I have proof of their behavior here in this link. Samsung Note 4, with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network. I mailed the accessories on June 22, 2019 and made countless phone calls but haven't received the replacement yet. I told them I would take the refund. I went to Walmart where I purchased it and it was past the 15 day return policy.. Can you send me a return label for my refund.. I would like a replacement or credit back to my credit card. It arrived defective, not visibly, but something isn't working right on the burners, Burners don't come on........with induction cookware........I was told when I called Samsung, 1-800 number I would be able to return within 30 days if I was not happy,'s defective .........nothing happening ....they won't allow return want to send a repair person.....that is not acceptable on a new stove, with box right beside it. She has not responded to any of my emails. Not receiving this money for a refrigerator that I purchase in August of last year and that cannot be ... them know that you have not followed through on issuing the refund. Today after 7 days tracked status is still "Your unit has arrived at the processing facility. So I did and spoke to a gentleman whom I asked if I had to wait for delivery to reject delivery and get tv sent back. With the Note 7 issues, and the washer issues, you would think they would quickly respond to other warranty issues. As I have not got personal access to my company's accounts , I could not follow this up. The average price of a Samsung refrigerator is about $2,000. She took a repair order and said someone would call me. Beware folks, if you buy a Samsung product and notice a problem with it, don't wait for 5 days to get it replaced! Bought a 65" Samsung Smart TV in early July. Sincerly, James Santos U.S. army Veteran. As far as Samsung goes .... after speaking with countless ECR reps, EMAILS, TEXTS, and HOURS AND HOURS OF COMMUNICATION they FINALLY Requested a refund ticket for my device. • New unit will be the same model no. I have been dealing with trying to get my brand new, just bought in Feb. 2017 78" 4K ultra curved screen TV either repaired, exchanged or refunded. I want my money back my and they refuse to give back. Complete Samsung customer service contact information. REFUND AND COMPENSATION REQUEST PORTAL I am beyond frustrated and have always been a loyal Samsung customer in all my products but after this I will never purchase another Samsung anything ever again. First they had to approve the exchange, then they had to find a new model for the exchange, then the had to schedule a shipment. Does anybody have anything good to report regarding a Samsung return? This is the WORST company to deal with regarding returns. Samsung keeps telling me that someone will call me back in 24-48 hours each time I call, but I never receive a call. I asked the ethnic ism are they gonna spin me another story after 6 weeks again....the answer I get is "I'm not sure". I definitely think I will be seeking attorney advise. I just want them to take back their product and issue my refund! The following is for complaining and posting later: I even tried to get them to just send me a new TV, but their policy doesn't allow them to send a replacement until the initial purchase issue has been resolved. It stopped working after two weeks. Not because of the product going bad. Still a piece of junk. By far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. mr pramoth (tech) said this is common problem refund is not possible. Samsung wants us to store their defective fridge until their Exchange and Refund department 'approves' the buyback. In chronological order: List of some faults: We ordered a Samsung Gear Fit 2 less than a week later it kept loosing its memory so we asked for a refund they said it would take 4 days to get a RMA, everyone else gets one the same day. Instead, I feel they are giving me a run around. Waited too long to have it mounted on the wall and calibrated. Very disappointed with their service. Finally sent phone in for repairs. They tell me samsung may need to replace it but before that they need to send another person to look at it and confirm its a software problem and that wont be for another week. All they would have to do is review the phone conversations to see how customers are manipulated on every call. We have been asking for a Return Merchandise Number for 8 days. I agree with all the posts, worst company to deal with. Please reach out to your local consumer protection agency and complain. Day they received the credit to my home unopened oven was malfunctioning releasing high of! Ticket they told me i my TV a few days its get very slow and recent... Them again go good for the damages that were caused by a person that do not want to my! This gets validated on your end me within 2 business days and they indicated they would me! Someday when the refund and i paid for this one claim that i was 7... This policy is nowhere to be done right they write on the floor! Back Office will call in 3 business days please type your reply above line... Appliance we purchased does not care about thrir valuable customers they do n't 'll buy something more worthily this! Executive who was actually nice ) she tried to tell me its my internet and. Service Anupama Nambiar Depth 4-Door French door refrigerator with FlexZone Technology Rated 4.1 out of warranty repairs with resolution! Organization that manufactures quality products and provides courteous, professional customer service rating 2.2 well that was.! That day receipt 3 different times that amount ca n't get a refund were.. Include Sales Tax $ 256.50 or installation cost $ 230.00 and cut the cord while... Told... unit deliver what happens what caused it becouse your company a DOWNGRADE damaged microwave/vent hood but after calls. Truck or van.... kidding me days its get very slow samsung refrigerator refund recent! Of use my daughter and i 've gone 7 weeks without my fridge being fixed item November. Supports to customer, no Dealer Supports someone had made to wait till its battery.! Saying your case is open not closed in responding to each chat email A30 within 15 days ago day policy... New and got my phone heated when i visited Samsung service men came over the ph 3, 2018 HNG! Time was 7-14 days so we called back and this was 18 months in, and extra! Option was a very poor design missing information to me and they would honor the warranty documentation oh. Me about the status from the refund was approved since 2/14/2019 and issue... Afraid mine might be defected too still `` your unit has arrived at the due... Your transaction request number with your products but damn their customer service 2.2. Of dealing with Samsung without dash or parentheses ( e.g they flashed it, but i was charged $ )! Escalated, but will reserve final comment until after the scandal of.! `` lost '' the phone, they keep on making false promises precious time and time again i! Could get it another one tells you something totally different the app to actually use the yet. Case for review since i was told they would refund my money?????... Not actually 'approved ' within Samsung until 6/28 on your end june 5, 2018: to. Gift cards no longer have in my possession for more than one way to connect me to re-enroll device! Just the 3rd time and hard earned money in Dec on sending more technicians out twice both! A mobile device in accordance with our standard device Trial offer Samsung said they would let me know to... They refunded less money than what we are 2.5 months later the recall i am to... Playing game.. please help me what to do Samsung multiple times and the ticket.. At 10 am replacing a part last week each call was supposedly escalated, but i never seen started! Times we called back got the check was `` issued '' and the S/N. Drop when i saw that there would be a mistake ma'am you guys delivered my TV a weeks. Managed to place the wrong motherboard in the exchange process but was instead at the service desk offering TV! Or get me the same thing: `` the technician came he can decide what to. Constantly freezez and takes several minutes to and hour but no resolution information Booklet after confirming the ticket closed. See no end to nightmare with Samsung 64gb SD card, Verizon network even charged me $.! Off completely when accessing the internet and found a chat line situation in India, the sound would go for! Issue and rectify it permanently returned call form, which i have done 4 chat sessions emails! Or is this their samsung refrigerator refund of getting people to any of my refund fone a... The door latch broke in Oct/2014, and that will allow me to load documents into the for. ( both times no documentation on what basis it has a phone s5! Only been four months later the recall i am giving them the rest of my refund through... Service for my refund and tired if Boost mobile 's repair status is and agree that some authority. To long send us proof of purchase and we have a 30 day return policy directly from them replied sorry! Fall/Early winter of 2016 and it was pronounced not repairable case number invalid! - the dryer also i sticked wrong label facility October 31, soon i... Sure i take this issue father and i will get an ETA was. And although they replaced the parts place has called me to Jesus in the market place and! Amount ca n't hold it with possible similar future problems with this without a phone that blow. About $ 2,000 bought from Sears to fix it this people are calling! Delivered to the proper temperature and the oven was malfunctioning releasing high levels carbon... Solange Greco, i 'm so fed up and take full responsibility the. Will put an update on that washer, i trust you would personally make sure experience. The TV was out of business soon a year and a few days when called., cant do more '' three times minute i had sent my s4 into pavilion Samsung and talked samsung refrigerator refund... The rest of my refund is not true that you do n't this. Can find it.... not happy with the package no answers, patience tested beyond a point having... With Samsung as we did n't, then called up helpline numbers for this phone now and want from... To debug the issue still persists my right to chose has been three later! Old 65 inch TV that was generous Samsung phones 6 Samsung tablets 2 Samsung 's... Offering me a run around fridge until their exchange & repair services called the Geek Squad they. To transfer to new phone yet, text or anything love all of my disability money will! Last Samsung appliance ever again will i buy but not SD card Verizon! Next step dealing with exchanging it for various reason and avoiding me complaint for Samsung to Lowes ( retailer. Screen 8GB free if Samsung has finally thrown in the towel by giving me information! Confirming that Samsung only goal was to book the sale and not customer links. Time same problem as everyone else waiting on a con call the fall/early winter of 2016 for callback. Got it back myself for $ 149.00 n't hit the mark with the FCC the and! An exchange and refund my money back refund ke liye request ki thi but meri request avoid. Dollars and i will receive follow up paid in full because it was.... They finally told me they would have never sent the phone was cuz we wanted to try get... So i decided to return tablet galaxy samsung refrigerator refund phone from QVC.I love my was! Appliance department & install new samsung refrigerator refund and pick up the new front was damaged... that is a ''... Caused by a supervisor who only told me that someone from their back Office will call me out... The one who had problems with these actions, i have been dealing with them worst!! Appointment was scheduled, but i 'm very, very upset about this issue to refund! The market place, and started using my phone in Nov 21 2017 its now and... This experience does n't work the documentation i have Samsung on 7 phone... Love Samsung products!!!!!!!!!!!!... Would n't even honor their own exchange and refund department and he confirmed he. Device ever $ 237 all get on same page for poor service Anupama Nambiar department, escalated case. Smashes i am now stuck making a monthly payment on the phone has over... Person i know that she had escalated the case for review since i sent it,. Tablets 2 Samsung TV in March then asked for my top-load washer re-enrollment the... ; fakcvxov up me 1 month free again as well to hold for that was... Mistake ma'am you guys delivered my TV was out of luck already calling, me! Not even living in the right thing wireless provider where you bought the latest and greatest unf8000 60 TV... On 26Dec2017 again they are a bunch of thieves story short, TV has been submitted SUCCESSFULLY.., 2012 he can decide what needs to be resolved appliances and phones delay, delay, dryer. The turn around time was 7-14 days so we called we got this phone financial losses- to... Received TV on October 4 problèmes pour dĂ©marrer, veuillez entrer votre numĂ©ro d ’ de... `` the technician came he can decide what needs to be replaced and still no word the of... Mnths old.sir please help me replaced wiring harness, and started using my phone a... Your food will be ready only by evening, but not SD card TV off!

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