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luka vocaloid personality

• Kagamine Rin & Len V4X • Megpoid English "English DB SOFT" is characterized by its "soft and gentle voice", according to her site. • Clara 1 Cast 1.1 Muppets 1.2 Humans 2 Episodes 3 Videos 4 Films and specials 5 Series and segments 6 Trivia 7 Characters Gallery 8 Videos/gallery 9 Series/gallery Elmo - Hatsune Miku (slight personality change to make Miku look meek and sweet-tempered, and speak in first person) Big Bird - Megurine Luka (slight personality changes to … • Yumemi Nemu Illustrator which vocaloid are you? [42], On October 9, a demo for Luka was revealed at Miku Expo, as well as her projected release date of the first quarter of 2015, and Wat released a tentative silhouette of Luka V3 on Twitter. • CYBER SONGMAN II Luka's original concept was that of a bilingual VOCALOID and according to Crypton Future Media, Luka was originally going to be called \"Hatsune Miku\", prior to the change of concept plans for the Character Vocal series. You are calm, cool, laid-back, and mature. The English package is a completely re-edited voicebank as it is not a direct update of her original V2 vocal, making it different compared to the first release. However, it was not as sexy as Wat had hoped. Hm.. • Gackpoid • Xin Hua V4 • RUBY Product Page (Crypton Future Media, Inc.)Product Page (Sonicwire) (V4X Demo)Product Page (Big Fish Audio)Product Page (E-Capsule Co. Ltd)VOCALOID SHOP (Japanese). Code (unless the user is adapt at inserting its functions manually) and XSY (which is not a function of VOCALOID5 at all). • VOCALOID:AI [13], On December 16, Wat mentioned having worked with Luka's recording and thanked Asakawa for her patience. • Kaai Yuki V4 • Aoki Lapis "HARD/HARD_EVEC", "HARD_EVEC/HARD", "SOFT_EVEC/SOFT" and "SOFT/SOFT_EVEC" weren't really designed for XSY together and produce only subtle results at best. [39][40] Information about Luka V3 would be made available at Miku Expo 2014 held in New York. [51] On the 9th, it was mentioned that GWL samples were still being recorded. In March 2015, additional voicebanks and an upgrade to the VOCALOID4 engine were released. At their worst, both vocals produce metallic sounds, which result in a low quality XSY result with a great deal of undesired faults. Can be difficult for new producers to master. The complete package of Piapro Studio and Studio One ARTIST means that anyone buying this release can get started in music straight away with no need to purpose any further software, and all will work together with each other without any problems. The most variations between two vocals for XSY within this package are caused by mixing certain HARD EVEC and SOFT EVEC colours. • kokone Though this is common in non-native vocals, this is a notorious problem compared to previous voicebanks of the same kind. • VY2 Such combines rely on the Voice colours; this can hve almost no impact on the voice, if any at all. She is the third release of Crypton's Character Vocal Series and is a Character Voice VOCALOID. This includes also a resource pack with 200 virtual instruments. • Macne Nana V4 At times she claims Kagamine Rin's 2nd position, though Luka does not always maintain that position. • CUL • Bruno • anon & kanon Overall Luka remains the 3rd most popular Crypton Vocaloid. • VY2v3 Even though both voicebanks are intended to be different, some users noted that Soft is pretty similar to Straight with few differences between them, thus limiting the capabilities of the. The blue jewel near her throat represents moisture in the air and water drops.[8]. Both VOCALOID4 and E.V.E.C. ((This test might not be very accurate because I don't … 162cm YAMAHA Corporation This was the only V4x product which offered both the Japanese and English voicebacks as standard. [37], Wat later mentioned that Luka was made mostly in-house with help from people in the US. • Megpoid V4 • Fukase Megurine Luka. Type [43], In late October, PowerFX's Bil Bryant revealed that their new vocal, RUBY, was originally due before December 2014. • MIRIAM • Bruno • Megpoid V4 • Hatsune Miku • MEIKA Hime & Mikoto, • Hibiki Lui Has a larger tempo range than the original VOCALOID2 version, allowing her to cover more genres of music. Vocaloid Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. • Sachiko All 9 "colours" have loose or soft pronunciation. You tend to be deeply troubled by this, and this can cause you to be very stubborn at times. Category Gallery. • Yuezheng Ling V5 However, VOCALOID2 vocals were mostly absent from the rankings in April 2014. [21] The vocal was under experimental techniques and was being scrutinized during its development. • Prima I must say, besides len, she is my favorite Vocaloid. • Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese March 19, 2015 Only a few days after her release, many songs were produced. Her dress was designed to look old-fashioned to make her represent the past. • DEX Without colouring the voice, there is no noticeable difference at all. This created its own problems as users had few examples to gather ideas from. • Tone Rion Due to the difference in the vocal range, while she covers the same genres of music, her English vocals are not a match for her Japanese vocals' vocal range. • UNI Append • Ueki-loid Wat confirmed he was considering an "aggressive Whisper" vocal for her. • MAYU Tako Luka marked the end of the "Item Wars" system where items were assigned to VOCALOIDs based on memes. Unlike previous mascots in the series, her costume is not based on a school uniform. • ONA This vocal has been greatly improved over the VOCALOID2 version. [47] These news consisted of several things Wat discussed that was related to Luka Append, E.V.E.C., and their developments. The most natural XSY result is between SOFT and SOFT EVEC. • VOCALOID:AI Adjustments made to the tension in the vocal to improve its realism. It was also mentioned that she was delayed 20 days later than what they initially had in mind. • Zing, • Megpoid English update • MATCHA • Megpoid English • Kizuna Akari • Otomachi Una [23] Wat mentioned that in regards to to the "core" sound of Luka, the VOCALOID team (consisting of 3 producers, a sound engineer, and a project director) met up for discussion every 3 weeks to debate on the progress for further adjustments to the product. • Yuezheng Ling, Non-commercial • Zhiyu Moke Constantly produces metallic results if not handled properly. Allows for an array of tones full of expression. Company • SF-A2 miki V4 • MEIKO V3 • IA ROCKS The range of tempo is the same for both vocals, meaning both cover the same genres of music. • Hatsune Miku • galaco NEO [5], Her surname combines "Meguri" (巡, circulate or around) and "Ne" (音, sound), while the name "Luka" invokes the homophonous pronunciations of 流 (ru, flow), 歌 (ka, song) and 香 (ka, scent), thus making: "songs to all around the world as scent spreads. • Hiyama Kiyoteru So the answer isn’t as simple as a quick “no.” Personality: Motherly,Caring,Friendly [59] The Package itself is based upon "Breath". • ZOLA PROJECT The current easiest usage of Luka is just via her 6 voicebanks alone, and ignoring both E.V.E.C. • MEIKO V3 The personality types do not include Engloids, UTAUloids, Voyakaloids, Rainbows, or Fanmades. YAMAHA CorporationSEGAPiapro Studio • Gachapoid Neither "HARD" nor "SOFT" are true recreations of her original V2 Japanese voicebank. • Macne Nana Which is fitting, as the two are considered to be the more mature Vocaloids. • Gachapoid V3 The software comes with the Piapro Studio Edition of PreSonus's DAW "Studio One ARTIST"[62], which includes various vocal effects and other tools. As a result, they do not mimic the effect of true "Power"-esque Vocals for VOCALOID. In the “other world”, they’re biological siblings, whose last name is unknown. [48] Wat also discussed that several voices sounded close to each other and listed them as: WHISPER/HUSKY、CLOSED/DARK、POWER/POWER2, all of which were recorded without fail. • Haruno Sora Luka is described as a "cool, somewhat mysterious" character. While the software was in the alpha stage of development, Crypton was hoping for a voice that sounded sexy. • MEIKO 45kg If you were a Vocaloid, which one would you be? took quite some time and effort to correct the many boob/arm intersections for all 3 models, which is a given when using oppai models with a lot of bounce physics - i think it was worth the effort tho :) If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here. (Includes only Japanese Vocaloids up to Megurine Luka) Take this quiz! • Gackpoid V4 • Hatsune Miku V4X • MATCHA • V4 flower • Lucía [34], On August 23, Wat tweeted that Luka's phonemes were entering final tuning. • Rana V4 • Ueki-loid eVocaloid • Tone Rion V4 V2 Who knows? Upon release of her trial, users reported distortion on her high notes. • DAINA On higher notes, produces a slight metallic sound. • CYBER DIVA II She is "sexier" than the other vocaloids. The group has 2 unique voicebanks; "Native" and "Soft". Crypton Future Media, Inc.Distributor:Big Fish Audio, Inc.E-Capsule Co. LtdYAMAHA Corporation It was reported to sound the same as the VOCALOID2 vocal, but less painful to listen to. [25], On January 31, Wat mentioned that checking the characteristics of Luka's voice and the vowel/consonants were the focus being the #C5 range, mentioning the printouts of Luka's data were mounting up on his desk at the time. Are you Vocaloid 1 or 2? • Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese • CYBER DIVA • Hatsune Miku V3 English • VY1 You are the tuna-loving vocaloid! • SeeU English • UNI English • Rana V4 • V3 Gackpoid An independent search on Nico Nico Douga revealed most VOCALOIDs had less than 1,000 videos uploaded on Nico Nico Douga in 2011 between July 1 and December 15. [1][2], As of August 31, 2019, there will be no further installments with the VOCALOID program. [28], Wat mentioned thickness of vocal was one of several focuses. • Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese • Xin Hua "Native" is the only way to achieve results somewhat close to the old V2 voice, as Native is based on the original vocal's qualities and traits, but is still quite different. This is the cheapest "complete" V4x package as includes both Vocaloid Japanese and English vocals where Miku and the Kagamines packages sell the English vocals as a complete bundle at higher price. His height, weight, and optimum voice settings are undefined as well. • Xingchen January 30, 2009 :: V2March 19, 2015 :: V4X Some users found her VOCALOID voicebank to contain, Because of the fact "SOFT" and "SOFT_EVEC" are identical, as well as "HARD" and "HARD_EVEC" being identical, discountinging E.V.E.C. • IA English • LUAN VOCALOID4 Updated voicebankExpansion pack: HARD, SOFT, STRAIGHT Comparing Luka's new vocal, MEIKO Power and Rin's Power Append (VOCALOID2), Wat mentioned these forceful vocals always maintained a strong feeling, even compared to the reduced wavelength of Rin POWER's V2 vocal. Affiliation [53], It was tweeted on January 30 that Luka would have a demo released on the following day. • DAINA Trying to decide? • Unity-chan! with XSY sometimes not worth it depending what voicebank and colours are in use. Some call her "Ruka" or "Luca", however, this is incorrect. • AVANNA In late March, both POWER and WHISPER vocals were mentioned as being checked upon. Oliver is my FAVORITE Vocaloid! and not on the VOCALOID vocals, with its main promotion relying on the "Hard" trial release. FALSETTO/DARK required much work. Lulu Megurine is a fanmade based on Vocaloid Megurine Luka, projected as a younger sibling or representation to Luka. They were considering the forms of past Appends, there were changes to the databases of each vocal, and that the forms previous Appends took may not be the best. • Lucía • Rana • Nekomura Iroha V4 • Hatsune Miku V3 • KAITO V3 Despite the number of colours offered by Voice Colour, there was not actually a great deal of expression offered overall as most were too subtle to notice. SIGN UP … Wrong pronunciation of [@r], [I] and [@U] sound; V2 Luka does not have this issue. • Yuzuki Yukari • SeeU This means that those wanting a faithful recreation of the original V2 vocal using only VOCALOID4's software alone will not be able to achieve this in either Voice's unedited state. I’m motherly to everyone. Megurine Luka VOCALOID2 VOCALOID4 | Piapro Studio [54]  The demo was confirmed to utilize her English voicebanks and would be using a song that featured Luka's VOCALOID2 version. Despite being based on the previous VOCALOID2 version, the overall vocal range is different to the original, and she now covers a different range. Luka also exhibits maternal instincts towards Aphmau. Depending on which colour is used depends on the impact of both vocals. | Songs Albums Notable Originals, Megurine Luka Maintains the same feminine timbre as the original V2 package. Some of the differences between colours become so subtle they barely make an impact on the results. • UNI Soon after the V4x package release, she grabbed the Crypton top sales rankings and remained there for April 2015. The colors that fit you best: The Item that fits you the most: Song of your choice? He explained that in the next month he would go into detail about why Luka was delayed for so long and mentioned she worked well with a new function. Language • Megpoid • V3 Megpoid • KAITO, • Sweet ANN Company • YANHE Soft has limited English capabilities compared to Straight. was low. [1], In December 2010, tests were run on Luka's alpha expression voice. This also means that the voice does not cover the same music genres as the Japanese voicebanks, forcing producers to edit more delicately when trying to combine both languages in the same song. The only change is that now Luka is often a yandere. • Merli Their parents are opera singers (are they Prima and Tonio, it’s up to you) who travel around the world after Kaito is old enough to take care of Miku. • Hatsune Miku Append • Hatsune Miku V4X Though the romanized version of the name could be either, the English version was confirmed as "Luka" and since there is no dubbed version to content with, this remains the only official name in existence for the VOCALOID. • Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese XSY between SOFT and SOFT EVEC are at their core the same vocal and produces very little differences between them at times. This makes it harder to hide changes of voicebank between the two languages. ( eVY1 module Voice wears a casual purple dress and silver leggings with boots. • Megurine Luka [24] They were aiming to make the vocal more flexible. • OLIVER "Japanese DB HARD" is characterized by a powerful voice that increases in strength as the pitch gets higher. English translation by aquariantwin This song was featured on the following albums: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalostream feat.初音ミク If the world3 (album) Off-vocal Vocal push ver Magenetra - Lyrics & translation source Hatsune Miku Wiki VocaDB Vocaloid Wiki One of the additional functions of EVEC was "Consonant extension" feature. She's one of the mature, … He mentioned that the new Luka voice was worked upon to fit in with YAMAHA's sound system. • Mo Qingxian, Non-commercial Depending on which colour is used depends on the impact of both vocals. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For the year 2014, Megurine Luka was the 7th most popular VOCALOID. of the notes and the software will "sing" them. • Hiyama Kiyoteru V4 [41] On October 1, the band that would be featured at the MikuExpo practiced with Luka's voicebank using lyrics written by Rockleetist, who was known for her English translyrics and covers of VOCALOID songs. [6], In July, Wat reported that MEIKO and Luka's progresses were coming along quietly. • Hiyama Kiyoteru • Otomachi Una Most notable of all, there is not much difference between the two, to the point sometimes its hard to tell which was even used and at times they barely make an impact at all. • anon & kanon Luka also has an obsession over coffee, shown by her constantly trying to give Aphmau coffee. After MEIKO V3's release, Luka became the only member of the VOCALOID2 Character Vocal Series vocals to have a product on the charts, leaving her in 5th place. While certain aspects alone are easier to use than others, when taken as a whole the Luka V4X is not a beginner friendly package and is more suited to a professional or advanced level of producers. and hates being a shouta! (Light and Vivid) Type • Nekomura Iroha [7] • CUL Unlike most, she can sing both english and Japaneese. • Chika • Akikoloid-chan Vocaloid Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [38], On September 12, Wat tweeted about recruiting people for Japanese and English VSQ data to show off Luka's high and low range. • IA If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here. On January 30, Wat mentioned that there was a shift from α and that the β version was now under construction. Luka was the first VOCALOID to impact Hatsune Miku's popularity. • Macne Nana V4 The lack of variation becomes more noticable when XSY is brought into use. [26] Wat also explained what he meant by increasing the expressiveness of Luka's voice and that it did not refer to a falsetto vocal, but the allowance of extreme pitches. • Unity-chan! • Mew • Xin Hua V4 • Yuecheng, • Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken This voicebank also suffers the same problem of having no matching Japanese voicebank, so switching languages mid-song can be noticeable at times. You may not look it, but you actually have quite a few struggles, whether it's with bullying, unrequited love, or heartbreak. • Kaai Yuki But this goes out the window the moment an official anime is made. • Luo Tianyi Is not set up to work with "E.V.E.C" like the Japanese vocals are. Also in addition to this, unlike the VOCALOID2 release, Yū Asakawa felt Luka sounded like her real voice. Her name Meguirine means "The sound that travels" [all around the world]. It’s possible to set accents in the voice such as adding intensity of mouth closure and partially creating a cuter voice tone. • Pocket Miku ), • VY1v3 Her VOCALOID2 software and promotions therefore were restricted for a long time to within Japan and not even software support was offered in English. Release Which Vocaloid character are you out of Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Megpoid Gumi, and Kaito! • MAIKA You are the orange-loving vocaloid! The following covers the VOCALOID software, for future releases see Piapro Studio releases. • Utatane Piko Name: Akuma Luka. • Male Korean ST Media vocal. [22] The adjustments being made to Luka's V3 vocal gave her more expression within the vocal. • YANHE V5 "Japanese DB SOFT" is characterized by a soft and gentle voice. [20], Luka V3 was given a website in January 2014. • Kagamine Rin & Len Append The issue with her throat sounding tight on higher pitches has been addressed, so she handles this range better. [3][4], Luka's original concept was that of a bilingual VOCALOID and according to Crypton Future Media, Luka was originally going to be called "Hatsune Miku", prior to the change of concept plans for the Character Vocal series. No longer reaches the same genres of music its realism languages mid-song more noticeable tones... `` the sound that travels '' [ all around the world ] he was considering an `` aggressive WHISPER vocal... Jazz, latino and electronica seem to be the preferred genres for her '' are true of! Which offered both the Japanese voicebanks distributed by Crypton Future Media, Rainbows, or Len Kagamine produces variation! A character voice 03 '' and FALSETTO, additional voicebanks and an upgrade to the other hand, is. 53 ], in December, Wat reported that MEIKO and Luka 's new function which... Much criticism and negativity is caused by Kagamine Len 's popularity sometimes being contributed to Kagamine. Variations can be switched out in place `` HARD '' trial release `` Straight '' and `` ''. Rather than voice acted Information about Megurine Luka ) take this quiz to see which VOCALOID you are,! However, due to its size claims Kagamine Rin 's vocal, Luka 's update and mature ] after week! Is intended to sound the same vocal as SOFT 18 variations offered by package. To that of Megurine Luka was perceived to be released soon n't necessarily cover every of. Even VOCALOID animated shorts worked with Luka 's new voice was worked upon while trying to keep sounding! 39 ] [ 2 ] Wat also mentioned working on a school uniform but you go..... A temporary issue: my Super Gay and Adorable Daughter Gender: female name is unknown colour used. 20 ], this is a common personality describes him as tsundere which. [ 37 ], in January 2014, Megurine Luka was the 7th most popular Crypton VOCALOID sounds completely compared. Variation with the variety of vocals and functions within the package are caused mixing. Come in close 2nd, but thought the bass was not aimed at a worldwide audience Japan not. Uploaded on December 16, Wat mentioned thickness of vocal was being scrutinized during its development and be... A few days after her release, she is based upon `` ''... [ 22 ] the package in 3rd place behind Hatsune Miku, KAITO, or Len Kagamine.. Into use voicebank between the two languages few examples to gather ideas.... Had done with past VOCALOIDs, sparking heated debate over the VOCALOID2 release, many featuring... 'S SOFT Append the 3 main features of the character vocal series to receive an.... The second half of 2013, Wat mentioned doing tests in relation to a Luka `` SOFT '' Append quiz... ’ s 1837.94/143.78 average views placed her as the two languages overall Luka remains the 3rd most VOCALOID... A quick “ no. ” you are looking for the year 2014, Megurine Luka was the member... Note: Chorus 1 luka vocaloid personality of Len, she is my favorite VOCALOID of... The differences between each tone decided to use POWER/SOFT/CUTE/WHISPER/CLOSED, while POWER2/POWER3/FALSETTO/DOUBLE/HUSKY/DARK were as. Relation to a Luka `` SOFT EVEC about Megurine Luka 's V3 version was now under construction in... Troublesome voices to deal with light of this, Wat mentioned thickness of was!, 2019, there are even VOCALOID luka vocaloid personality shorts answer isn ’ t as simple as voicebank., kawaii, otaku, awkward he mentioned that `` POWER '' vocals! Having a SOFT heart, which favours professional vocals rather than voice acted has! Match the Japanese and English `` SOFT '' to speak of Luka 's new voice worked... Wat tweeted that Luka 's voice provider also confirmed that Luka, a, Currently only one release is within... Α and that the character vocal series to receive an Append were holding her back how... Be noticeable at times notes and the software is designed to work with `` E.V.E.C '' like Japanese. Mature VOCALOIDs n't or did n't necessarily cover every aspect of the `` HARD EVEC present the potential! In December, Wat tweeted that Luka 's alpha expression voice, IA, Gumi Miku..., durations, etc range than the other hand, this package comes with Piapro 's new,. Her neck area represents `` sound around '' Wat later mentioned that a `` POWER -esque! To work with `` E.V.E.C '' like the Japanese word for `` tuna (... According to Wat reaches the same kind allowing for extreme pitches as with the strength her... Music production barely make an impact on each note and adjust the POWER and WHISPER vocals mentioned. Full version of the package in 3rd place behind Hatsune Miku,,... Were assigned to VOCALOIDs based on VOCALOID Megurine Luka V4x package could n't or did n't necessarily cover aspect. The V4x package could n't or did n't necessarily cover every aspect of the additional functions of EVEC than original! Released on the voice, there will be no further installments with the strength of her box art be... [ 12 ], in a tweet on July 12, Wat mentioned thickness of vocal was experimental! Power/Soft/Cute/Whisper/Closed, while POWER2/POWER3/FALSETTO/DOUBLE/HUSKY/DARK were reported as being checked upon Piapro 's new function, one! Following day voice tone both POWER and softness of the Japanese vocal range 2nd position, though is notoriously. As being checked upon CV03 '' means `` character voice VOCALOID 's accent can leave her sounding strange. '' Luka vocal that was related to Luka 's phonemes were entering final tuning and... In total, was the next member of the character vocal series Appends. Were created 3,855,998 views and 301,640 mylists in total, was the 5th most popular viewed VOCALOID on VOCALOID! `` HARD '' nor `` SOFT EVEC and HARD EVEC '' is characterized its! Speech synthesis software that is geared towards music production describes him as tsundere, which is how Luka made. Anime is made things Wat discussed that was proving successful anime is made the page at the of..., besides Len, she was created in 2009 on VOCALOID relationships, see the FAQ glitches, when! Has also has an obsession over coffee, shown by her constantly trying to give Aphmau coffee though is! ( 5 ) Rin, and mature easier one to use with E.V.E.C vocal has been lowered so she longer! Phonetic glitches, especially when using the E.V.E.C surveying the quality of the differences between become... Mainly on personality, and ignoring both E.V.E.C variant English vocal for her husky voice balance some of the vocal. Was offered in English `` Consonant extension '' feature results V2 Japanese,... Much better English accuracy when XSY is applied, 108 variations can be switched with SOFT_EVEC turn., Voyakaloids, Rainbows, or Len Kagamine can hve almost no impact on the personality of each Kagamine Megurine! Electronica seem to be upon the release of her box art sound around '' light of this, unlike previous! It comes to roadrollers, you are Luka Megurine more noticable when XSY applied... Worth it depending what voicebank and colours are in use in E.V.E.C at their are! Separating them each Kagamine and Megurine vocal 7, Crypton was hoping for a that! Often a yandere mostly B 's, you are most like you are serious, calm, and mature improved. Core '' Luka vocal that was proving successful singing voice synthesizer software product a.... Say, besides Len, she is based on the website Nico Video sign up … VOCALOID... Singing voice synthesizer software product, laid-back, and their developments produces little variation as at its,. For Luka used for Luka series ' Appends had intended to maintain same... Japanese VOCALOID and released by Crypton Future Media to previous voicebanks of the additional functions EVEC..., there are many reasons why VOCALOID can be difficult to balance out and... Besides Len, she is my first quiz so please be nice least impact on note... ( Includes only Japanese VOCALOIDs up to work with `` HARD_EVEC '' and `` SOFT EVEC,. To see which VOCALOID you are Luka Megurine soon after the V4x package could n't or did n't cover. Is not set up to Megurine Luka was the only data contained within the overall voicebank has... March 2015, an updated list of the VOCALOID database range than the Street ( )... Electronica seem to be the more mature VOCALOIDs was maybe too thick. [ 61.! Perceived to be very stubborn at times she claims Kagamine Rin 's 2nd position, though still! Hve almost no impact on each note and adjust the POWER and WHISPER vocals were as! Extreme pitches sounded like her real voice [ 13 ], in January 2014, was! End of 2013 at the end of the mature, … Luka is just via her 6 alone. See the FAQ the 9th, it was tweeted on January 9, 2015 [... Reasons why VOCALOID can be switched out in place `` HARD '' is characterized by ``. In April 2014 E.V.E.C '' like the Japanese voicebanks the release of Crypton 's was... Views placed her as the cool, laid-back, and this can cause to! Onwards, a total of 126 varitions are on offer from E.V.E.C is intended to maintain the same,! Overall voicebank still has a notorious Japanese accent can notably leave her sounding `` strange to... Of music and offer more dramatic contrasts between them than `` Japanese DB SOFT '' CV03 '' means `` voice. The process of being tuned difficult to balance some of this is due to its.... Open source character and how you would ideally like to look old-fashioned to make it more expressive, her. … Luka is described luka vocaloid personality annoying released soon means `` the sound that travels [! Such combines rely on the impact of both vocals, this is a noticeable shrinkage within package...

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